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— a psychological thriller —


ON THE CHANTICLEER CLUE AWARDS SHORTLIST: After psychiatrist Leslie Schoen’s coworker turns up dead, his coded clues implicate their esteemed senior colleague in a web of corruption. Because the same doctor accused her of stealing workplace opiates, Leslie launches her own rogue investigation, but sinister forces will stop at nothing to bury the truth—and Leslie. Going against her powerful adversaries, Leslie is forced to confront the demons from her past to save the fragile new life she and her wife have fought so hard to build.

Mary Desch

Writer and former psychiatrist

Untold trauma shaping psyches, storytelling at the edge.

Mary Desch practiced psychiatry over three decades in Minnesota, Arizona, and Portland, Oregon. Her childhood attraction to the Alfred Hitchcock Magazine grew into a college love for detective fiction. Not surprisingly, she leaned toward the psychological. As it turns out, medical and psychiatric work is a lot like a detective’s sleuthing. When not investigating another facet of writing, Mary enjoys hiking and long dog walks with her wife and their rascal mini schnauzer, Portland food carts, golf, and the WNBA.