Twitter may be a controversial platform lately, but it’s still a place where numerous pitch events
occur — opportunities to try your hand at gaining an agent or editor’s attention. There are
several Pitch events happening on the internet, and I recently learned not all of them are on
Checkout this site:

Right — from October 25 to 27, 2023, the Savvy Authors community is holding a pitch event. I
was recently fortunate to take a class through this site. Angela Knight taught “Polish Your
Pitch.” It was entirely conducted through the Savvy Authors website and email.

The idea is to get prepared for the Savvy Author’s event by getting feedback on your pitch from
a published author and writing-related topics instructor. I thought Angela was very supportive
and gave great feedback, as well as ideas for how to improve my pitch.

In the Savvy Pitch event, most agents and editors are looking for a ‘three-line’ pitch. After
several rounds (and if my color purple latest revision doesn’t change anything drastically), here’s
the final-final I came up with:
After psychiatrist Leslie Schoen is anonymously charged with stealing workplace opiates, she
hides the allegation from her newly pregnant wife. But when her coworker is murdered, clearing
her name now means tracking the killer. Going it alone may be her undoing while a drug lord,
secretly tied to a colleague, moves to take her out.
I can’t wait to try it out!


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