Grateful to have found Sisters in Crime, the national writing community focused on equity and inclusion, I’ve been a sponge absorbing wisdom and support in the Guppy and Thriller groups, and in my local chapter. I’ve learned so much in SinC over less than two years. In April, I was delighted to speak at the Columbia River Chapter, in response to these questions:

  • What are the signs of a sociopath? How do people become sociopaths?
  • What do people act like who live with certain personality disorders, like bipolar or narcissistic?
  • What might an addict act like? How powerful is addiction? What might it drive people to do?
  • What might drive someone to want to solve crimes? It seems like most people would simply want to step out of the way and not get involved, but some people seem driven to pursue justice. Why?
  • Are there physical signs that people are lying?
  • In what other ways does crime fiction get it wrong?

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